Anyone Can Tattoo by Henry Anglas

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A handbook by Henry Anglas that deals with the topic of realistic tattooing. It contains useful information about machines, tattoo accessories, setup, reference material, templates, layout and much more.

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Anyone Can Tattoo by Henry Anglas

Henry Anglas is a famous Peruvian tattoo artist who lives in Argentina. His book Anyone Can Tattoo is a unique textbook suitable for all levels of tattoo education.
It is based on the author's own experience and thus reflects his idea of the art of tattooing. Henry Anglas explains the techniques he has acquired over the years and the elements he considers necessary for the creation of tattoos.

The various chapters in the book deal with equipment and accessories, photographic reference, backgrounds, contrasts, light and shadow, technique, portraits, transmission, hair/fur, eyes, designs, drawing and painting, composition, tattoo composition step by step, tattoo scarring, mimesis, after care, etc. The book also includes a number of other chapters, such as the following

The text is bilingual, Spanish and English.

Pages: 148 pages
Cover: Softcover
Format: 21 cm (width) x 26,9 cm (height) x 1 cm (thickness)
Language: Spanish/English
ISBN: 978-987-4146-24-3

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