Dotwork & Blackwork Vol. 2 - Drawings & Paintings - Sketches - Patterns - Tattoos

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The second edition of the illustrated book on Dotwork & Blackwork.

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Dotwork & Blackwork Vol. 2 - Drawings & Paintings - Sketches - Patterns - Tattoos

The second illustrated book Dotwork & Blackwork Vol. 2 contains a large selection of mandalas, geometric patterns, borneo and other styles as well as some great photos of large-format black works by various artists.

Full color templates:
Antti Kuurne, Christos Zacharopoulos, Colin Zumbro, Ibrahim Barboza, Maxim "XIII" Zhuravlev, Melow Pérez, Patrick Hüttlinger, Pierluigi Deliperi, Rory Keating, Samuel Christensen, Seth Arcane, Spaceman, Tas Danazoglou, Xoil Loic

Black and white templates:
Alice Totemica, Anna Karagkouni, Bjarne Axelsen (Baxtattoo), Calen Paris, Charlie C, Christos Zacharopoulos, Dale Sarok, Darryl Schembri, El Nigro, Francesco Blackbindu, German Di Campli, Gunther Iscariot, Jas Helena, Jeroen, Franken Kike Bugni, Lameth, Maxim "XIII" Zhuravlev, Melow Pérez, Mikhail Kolesnikov (Mike Amanita), Pierluigi Deliperi, Rory Keating, Samuel Christensen, Violeta Pilar Bea, Rebecca Zombie Smania, Laureline, Gaby Montiel - Gunther Iscariot, Colin Zumbro

Calen Paris, Piotr Szot

Andi Rest_Less, German Di Campli, Gunther Iscariot

Antti Kuurne, Calen Paris, Chaim Machlev, Chaim Machlev & Filip Leu, Colin Dale, Colin Zumbro, Daniel Di Mattia, Gakkin, Gakkin & Nissaco, Gunther Iscariot, Guy Le Tatooer, Jeroen Franken, Jim Orie, Kike Bugni, Lewisink, Manuel Winkler, Manuel Zellkern, Maxim "XIII" Zhuravlev, Mikhail Kolesnikov (Mike Amanita), Nissaco, Patrick Hüttlinger, Pierluigi Deliperi, Piotr Szot, Rory Keating, Samuel Christensen, Taku Oshima, Thomas Hooper, Xoil Loic, Andi Rest_Less, Christos Zacharopoulos, Francesco Blackbindu - Jim Orie Hanumantra - Gaby Montiel, Ibrahim Barboza - Charlie C, Fabio Pistarini.

Original Spanish title: Dotwork & Blackwork Vol. 2 - Dibujos y Pinturas - Bocetos - Patrones - Tatuajes
Author: Arte Tattoo & Piercing
Pages: 175 pages
Cover: Softcover
Format: 23 cm (width) x 30.8 cm (height) x 1.1 cm (thickness)
Language: Spanish, English
ISBN: 978-987-3762-59-8

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