Neotradicional Vol. 3 - Paintings - Drawings - Sketches

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Illustrated book with a collection of paintings, sketches and drawings in neotraditional style.

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Neotradicional Vol. 3 - Paintings - Drawings - Sketches

The book Neotradicional Vol. 3 contains colored and black-and-white illustrations in neotraditional style.
These are, for example, women's and men's faces, worked out in the typical neotraditional style. Some of them are framed or combined with different decorations: animals, candles, flowers, hearts, hands, geometric shapes, crosses, daggers, etc. The book also contains many small and entry-level motifs.

The following international neotraditional tattoo artists are represented in this book with their works:

But Tattooer, Alex Gotza, Alice Totemica, Chelsea Shoneck, Christian DR, Christophe Bonardi, Daryl Watson, Dennis Bernhardt aka Inlé Grey, Eilo Martin, El Nigro, Erin Chance, Evgenia Sin, Fabian Langes, Fede Almanzor, Fulvio Vaccarone, Giulia Bongiovanni, Heath Clifford, Isnard Barbosa, Jack ?GOKS" Pearce, Jacob Wiman, Jake Danielson, Jan Criacuervos, Jasmin Austin, Johnny Domus Mesquita, Juan Solo, Justin Acca, Justin Hartman, Cuba Kujava, Lorena Morato, Lucy O'Connell, Mikael de Poissy, Maurizio Gobbo, Nahue Kabuki, Nick Reed, Oliver Vog "Ollo", Rodrigo Kalaka, Sara MacNeil, Seba Forace, Stanley Storm, Stu Pagdin, Teresa Sharpe, Teniele Sadd, Toni Donaire, Wendy Pham.

Author: Arte Tattoo & Piercing
Pages: 134 pages
Cover: Softcover
Format: 23.2 cm (width) x 30.9 cm (height) x 1.1 cm (thickness)
Language: Spanish, English
ISBN: 978-987-24063-6-3

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