Product & warning notices

The displaced by us inks, paints and other means, under normal conditions and in accordance with normal hygienic precaution are no health risk. Despite sterilization and the use of safe ingredients like Natural pigments, it may in some cases allergic reactions.

When using is adequate protective clothing such as gloves, clip-cord-cover, cover machinery, aprons, etc. must be ensured. Processing instructions and hygiene requirements of the manufacturers are just completely note. After use wash hands.

Only work in well-ventilated areas.

For eye contact: eyes with a lot of water for at least 15 minutes rinse. Immediate medical help.

For skin: skin contact with water and soap to wash. Clothing please clean before re-use.

During inhalation immediately to fresh air, and especially at heavy breathing medical help immediately.

If swallowed, do not feed through the mouth and immediately call a doctor.

Empty bottles can be color remaining small quantities, and must be disposed of accordingly