TATprotect Tattoo Spray Aftercare by Randy Engelhard

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TATProtect is a sterile tattooing care spray and is approved as a class IIa medical device. It can be used before, after and during tattooing.

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TATprotect Tattoo Spray Aftercare by Randy Engelhard

The application as a spray has three main advantages: 
  1. This tattoo aftercare as a spray is always sterile with the patented dual-chamber system. 
  2. When applied as a spray, the hands do not touch the freshly tattooed skin. 
  3. Even hard-to-reach parts of the body, such as the back, can easily be reached by yourself. 
The thin film on the skin is breathable and can also be applied under wound healing films such as Dermalized, TattooMed Protection Film or Suprasorb.

We recommend a studio retail price of 15€.
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