Important info for all tattoo artists and tattoo studio owners!
SKIN STORIES is Beiersdorf's first special tattoo anti-aging care range.
Jenna Kerr is an idol in the tattoo industry and has been on the World Famous Pro Team for many years. If the British woman appears rather delicate and fragile, her style and the products she has developed are quite different.
We are looking at A pound of flesh in this blog post. The core idea of A Pound of Flesh is to provide synthetic tattooable products. They resemble real skin when tattooed.
We would like to draw your attention to our changed warehouse sales in Berlin. Due to the ongoing special situation around Covid-19, we are stopping our warehouse sales in Berlin for the time being in order to better protect both you and our employees. The collection of your orders is still possible.
Win an Inkjecta Flite X1 Ergo Grip Gold Label. Have you already purchased one of the battery-powered Inkjecta Flite X1? Or are you considering buying one?
Elephant® products are helpful companions for your daily work as a professional tattoo artist. The premium brand Elephant® is due to the high quality and the very good price-performance ratio one of our top-seller brands in the categories hygiene, consumables and accessories.
Our Tattoosafe team packs your orders with 99% Berlin air and 100% love for the environment. In this blog post you can read how we have drastically reduced our CO2 footprint by using air cushioned foil instead of paper.
Today we would like to introduce the new Ergo Grips for the X1. Every artist who has ever tattooed with a new Ergo Grip for the Inkjecta X1 will not want to miss it anymore.
For every tattoo artist who owns a Cheyenne Sol Nova Pen or one of the new battery powered Cheyenne Sol Nova Unlimited, the new Sol Nova grips are an absolute must-have! In this blog post we will explain to you why the Sol Nova grips are so practical.
After the very successful Eikon power supplies EMS 420 and ES 300, we have been eagerly waiting for a new power supply from our premium manufacturer from Canada. In the following blog post we will tell you why it was definitely worth the wait.
2020 is the year of wireless tattoo machines in our tattoo world. And so the Spektra Flux from FK Irons is also on everyone's lips. We already met the owner, Gaston Siciliano, at the Tattoo Convention in London in 2019 and have already talked in detail about the Spektra Flux. Since then, we were very excited to finally hold it in our hands. Now it is finally there - and the tattoo world is thrilled. We will tell you why.
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