Tradicional Vol. 3 - Paintings - Flashes - Sketches

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An illustrated book full of traditional designs.

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Tradicional Vol. 3 - Paintings - Flashes - Sketches

The illustrated book Tradicional Vol. 3 full of traditional designs.
It contains works by the following artists:

Adri Oes, Agustin Guareschi, Alex Jazz, Alex Silva, Angel Quiles, Brice Gomes, Caio Garcia, Capocha, Cori, Cristian Arévalo, Deborah Necci, Diexxx Tattooer, Fabian Bidart, Fausto Daddasio, Federica Di Domenico, Felipe Indini, Gabriel Saltore, Germán Canalla, Javier Peralta, Jaclyn Rehe, Jeanzito Hernández, Joe Tartarotti, Joel Janiszyn, Joe Sutterby, Karl Wimann, Karlos Aguilar, Kowhey, LC2 Luis Cobra Lindarte, Luciano LCN, Marcelo Arcuri "El KB", Marcelo D´Alossio, Marcos Nash, Mattias Boetcher, Mikael "Harry" Harrstedt, Myke Chambers, Paul Anthony Dobleman, Quyen Dinh, Rana Almiron, Rata Da House, Rodrigo Salomao, Salome Sajnin, Tofino, Samuele Briganti, William Xcionkax and Xandi Fromm.

Original Spanish title: Coleccion Arte Tattoo Disenos - Tradicional Vol. 3
Author: Arte Tattoo & Piercing
Pages: 148 pages
Cover: Softcover
Format: 22,7 cm (width) x 30,6 cm (height) x 1 cm (thickness)
Language: Spanish, English
ISBN: 978-987-1839-66-7

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