The good Tattoo Mug

Dear customers. 

We have thought about an action with which we can all do something good together. And this not only during the contemplative Christmas season - but also beyond it. Because if things go well, which we of course wish for very much, we would like to let the campaign run permanently and help various institutions. 


The Action "The good Tattoo Mug" 

In our online shop you can find our special offer mug for the price of 10€. We donate the entire proceeds to the great Off Road Kids Foundation, which cares for disadvantaged children and teenagers in Germany. Of course we donate the production costs of the cups. This means that the full amount will be donated to the children and teenagers without any deductions.



But we would also like to reward you for your good deed!

Because good deeds must be rewarded. You will get a 10% discount on your next order if you post a picture of yourself and/or your mug on Instagram, link our Instagram account on the picture and last but not least name the Hashtag #DieGuteTattooTasse in the text. As soon as we discover your post we will contact you via Instagram to tell you your voucher code. Of course you can also publish an Instagram story with the mug. If you mark us accordingly in the story and place the hashtag, we won't miss the story either.



The Off Road Kids Foundation

Since 1993, Off Road Kids has been the only aid organisation for street children in Germany that is active nationwide. The Off Road Kids Foundation operates its own streetwork stations in many German cities, the online consultancy, the education and integration programme PREJOB, the health care programme STREETWORK+, a parents' advice hotline as well as the systemic parents & family advice "Family-Neustart", a children's home and the Institute for Pedagogical Management (IfPM). Basic objective: The best possible viable perspective for every young person cared for.




Street children in Germany

Up to 2,500 children and adolescents aged 12 and over are thrown onto the streets in Germany every year, at least temporarily. They have been flown out of their homes, run away or are dependent on foster families or youth welfare institutions. The number of young adults is at least ten times higher, confirms a study by the German Youth Institute (DJI). They become street children who have often fled from neglect, maltreatment and abuse and have to secure their survival on the street with begging, prostitution or small theft. Further information about the Off Road Kids Foundation can be found here:







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