A Pound of Flesh – „Yorick“ Skull

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The white skull of APOF, inspired by a figure in William Shakespeare's Hamlet.

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A Pound of Flesh – „Yorick“ Skull

The synthetic tattooable skull from APOF is suitable for beginners as well as advanced. It is lifelike in size. Yorick is a figure in William Shakespeare's Hamlet. You can apply new techniques, improve existing skills or create a 3D portfolio. The APOF Torso is made of silicone and rubber based materials and is handcrafted.  

Height: 13.07 cm / ~ 5.5" (H) 
Width: 15,24 cm / 6" 
Circumference: 48,26 cm / 19" 

Tip: If the stencil does not hold as you imagine it to - scrub thoroughly with a scourer, apply stencil and leave to soak in overnight.
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