Dragons - Vol. 2

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The second volume of the book Dragones shows a selection of tattoos, sketches, drawings, paintings of 57 famous tattoo artists. 

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Dragons - Vol. 2

The book contains sketches, drawings, paintings and tattoo templates from 57 well-known tattooists on the subject of dragons. 

The following tattooists are represented in the book with their works:

Adam Kitamoto, Agustin Cavalieri, Alan Sarmiento, Alejandro Fernández, Alexandre Codonho, Andrea Pallocchini, Augustine Nezumi, Ben Corn, Bonel, Bunshin Horitoshi, Cacau Horihana, Christian Arae, Daniel Novais, David "Dave" Ramirez, Deneka, Denis Vazios, Diego Rangel, Dong Dong, Edu Lima, Ezequiel "Chino" Fontenla, Fako Merelli, Federico Ferroni, Frankie B. Yoshiaki, Freddy Ampuero, Gabriel Gram, Garba Michele, Gonzalo Goicochea, Hernán Chevalie, Hernán Coretta, Horijin, Horikamiten´yu, Horikyo, Horimomo, Hugo Nadal, Jarno Kandahar, Jess Yen, Leandro Grilo, Leo Barada, Levi Junior, Lucas Strani LKS, Luciano Vázquez Lococo, Luiz Gustavo, Lupo Horiokami, Marco Rossettini, MaRode, Matteo Dote, Monta Morino, Pablo "Colo" Barada, Pablo Esquivel, Renato Fornaro, Renzo Scorpati, Roger Axelsson, Soren Lind, Stu Pagdin, Tomas Vaitkunas, UEO und Wally Fonseca.

Original Spanish title: Pinturas, Dibujos, Bocetos y Tatuajes de Dragones
Author: Arte Tattoo & Piercing
Pages: 132 pages
Cover: Softcover
Format: 23 cm (width) x 31 cm (height) x 0.8 cm (thickness)
Language: Spanish, English
ISBN: 978-987-1839-49-0

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