InQualizer Tattoo Power Unit

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With the Inqualizer tattoo power unit from Germany you can use up to four tattoo machines at the same time.

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InQualizer Tattoo Power Unit

The Inqualizer is developed and produced in Nuremberg (Germany) by tattoo artists for tattoo artists. Only high-quality materials are used. 

All electronic components such as the microprocessor are high-end. Up to four tattoo machines can be connected to the Inqualizer. Each machine can be adjusted individually. And with the timer you have full control over the time of the tattoo session and also have the option to deposit a self-defined hourly wage. 

Using the Inqualizer is super easy and intuitive. 

Quick info: 
  • OLED Full Format Display 
  • up to 4 machine connections 
  • Aluminium body, also used for aircraft applications 
  • high quality electronics 
Quality - Made in Germany.
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