Liquid Dynamite

Liquid Dynamite - Tatto care series - HAN

The Tattoo Care series Liquid Dynamite by H-A-N in Esslingen (Germany) includes a Pre-Shave Solution, a Stencil Fluid, a Tattoo Finish and the Snake Skin.

The alcoholic Liquid Dynamite Pre-Shave Solution prepares the skin optimally for tattooing without greasing. This creates the optimum condition for the durability of the stencil.

The Liquid Dynamite Stencil Fluid is vegan and was specially developed for the use of green stencil paper. But any other stencil paper holds bombproof.

The Liquid Dynamite Tattoo Finish with its calming effect is ideal for the care of freshly tattooed skin. It contains cucumber fruit water. This refreshes, moisturizes, softens and smoothes the skin and vitalises it.

The Liquid Dynamite Snake Skin has been developed as an alternative to plastic wrap. Snake Skin is water vapor permeable, promotes moisture balance and protects the tattoo.

Liquid Dynamite #02 - Tattoo Finish Vaporizer 100 ml

Liquid Dynamite #02 - Tattoo Finish Vaporizer 100 ml


EUR 10,00

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The skin conditioning spray from HAN was specially made for freshly tattooed skin. It is to be applied after the tattoo session and soothes the stressed skin.

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