Wipe Outz Wash - Sterile, wet Cleansing Aftercare Wipes

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Wipe Outz, sterilized Wash Tattoo Aftercare Wipes. It couldn't be cleaner - no matter where you or your customers are.



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Wipe Outz Wash - Sterile, wet Cleansing Aftercare Wipes

Wipe Outz™ Wash - Sterile Cleansing Tattoo Towels are the first gamma ray sterilized tattoo wipes in the tattoo industry.

Short facts: - ready-to-use disposable care towels
- perfect for uncomplicated tattoo care and tattoo cleaning on the go
- wet wipes with antibacterial, antimicrobial, cooling WASH formula
- consist of stepped, non-abrasive material
- gamma sterilized
- Skin soothing effect
- no toxic ingredients
- biodegradable
- no alcohol, no latex
- vegan

Made by artists for artists and their clients!

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