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The woman as tattoo theme and template in the book of the Argentine publisher Arte Tattoo & Piercing.

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The appearance of the woman is the subject of this tattoo book. The various faces and bodies, as well as expression forms are represented.

The book Women contains works of the following artists:

Aaron Della Vedova, Aaron Ruby, Aivas Liepa, Ann Keevallik, Augis, Barbara Munster, Ben Hamill, Capocha, Claudia Hek, Clint Danroth, Dani Green, Derek Turcotte, Ezequiel Samuraii, Fabian Langes, Fernando de Paiva, Fonzy, Franko Anglas, Henry Anglas, Ignacio Tedeschi, Isnard Babosa, Jaclyn Réhe, Jasmin Austin, Jay Wheeler, Joe Capobianco, Kuba Kujawa, Manny, Martin Aguaisol, Metteo Pasqualin, Nahue Kabuki, Nick Morte, Pawel Gawkowski, Piotr Cwiek, Priit Salusoo, Randy Engelhard, Robert Borbás, Rodrigo Kalaka, Timur Lysenko, Toni Mancia, Victor Policheri, Wally Velázquez

Black & Grey
Alex de Pase, Antonio 'Macko' Todisco, Bali Révai, Gonzalo Vedia, Henry Anglas, Ivano Natale, Lasse Sjöroos, Lazar Borisev, Leo Lavatori, Marek Maras Rydzewski, Martin Aguaisol, Mason Williams, Neon Judas, Robert Borbás, Tomas Vaitkunas, Tony Mancia, Victor Policheri, Wally Velázquez

Clint Danroth, Isnard Barbosa, Pipa Kabuki

Victor Portugal, Jason Butcher, Máximo Lutz, Alex de Pase, Robert Borbás, Dani Green, Victor Policheri, Henry Anglas, Priit Salusoo, Ezequiel Samuraii, Isnard Barbosa, Jasmin Austin, Clint Danroth, Randy Engelhard, Timor Lysenko, Ivano Natale, Antonio "Macko" Todisco, Bali Révai, Crispy Lennox, Tomas Vaitkunas

Author: Arte Tattoo & Piercing
Pages: 148
Cover: Softcover
Format: 22,9 cm (width) x 31,1 cm (height) x 1,2 cm (thickness)
Language: Spanish, English
ISBN: 978-987-3762-44-4

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